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Female Olympian wants Kabul to be kept out of Paris games over Taleban’s rights record

GENEVA: Friba Rezayee, the first woman to represent Afghanistan at the Olympics, has been appalled by the treatment of women

By Gulshan Kumar

Judge finds staffer committed rape in Austrian parliament

SYDNEY: An Australian judge ruled on Monday that a conservative political staffer likely committed rape in parliament, a dramatic twist

By Gulshan Kumar

Singapore PM to step down, deputy to take over on May 15

SINGAPORE: Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will step down next month and his deputy Lawrence Wong will take over,

By Gulshan Kumar
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DoT To Telecom Companies: Block Calls Originating From These Numbers

In a recent development, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued a public warning regarding fraudulent calls originating from international

By Gulshan Kumar

PG Medical Students To Get Weekly Off, 20 CLs Per Year

New Delhi |In a significant reform aimed at maintaining a work-life balance for post-graduate (PG) medical students, the National Medical

By Gulshan Kumar

How the world agreed to move away from fossil fuels at COP28

In a surprising turn of events at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, all 196 countries reached a historic accord

By Gulshan Kumar

“Gemini to Rival OpenAI’s GPT-4: Google’s Ambitious Leap into Generative AI

In a bold move to assert its dominance in the realm of artificial intelligence, Alphabet's Google has extended a select

By Gulshan Kumar

 “Allocation process for new residences to commence after cabinet and deputy CM appointments”

With the change in power and the expected alteration of ministers and the Deputy Chief Minister in Bihar, modifications in

By Gulshan Kumar

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